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Strong, hygienic, and rust-resistant, Stainless Steel is an ideal surface for almost any room in the home.  With its anti-rust properties it is also great for outdoor applications such as a backyard BBQ Grill Top!  Our custom metal countertops are fabricated with premium 14 gauge 304 Stainless Steel bonded to a particle board substrate and ready to install.  For commercial or outdoor applications, we can fabricate stainless steel island tops with an all-stainless steel substrate. We offer on-site measurements, delivery, & installation upon request for customers in the Chicago area.  Final CAD drawings are sent to all customers for approval before fabrication.  Please contact us anytime with your request and we will get back to you promptly with a detailed quote and a factory direct price!  Important details to provide an accurate quote are below.

Material  – We use 14 gauge 304 Stainless Steel sheet to make ultra durable custom stainless steel countertops that will stand the test of time

Finishes  –  There are two standard metal finishes we offer, contact us for a sample today:

  • #4 Brushed Finish – most common finish with a uniform grain going in one direction that matches most stainless steel appliances.
  • Matte Finish – slightly more dull appearance where the stainless steel is finished with an orbital sander with 220 grit sandpaper.
  • Custom textures & finishes can be quoted upon request.

Dimensions  –  Rough dimensions must be provided within a few inches.  Tops longer than 10′ must be made in 2 pieces and either welded together or left with a hairline seam.  Our experienced welders and finishers do seam welding that is second to none.  For a more cost effective setup we can leave the seam un-welded, and install hardware in the substrate to tighten the pieces together for a hairline seam.

Integrated Sinks  –  Integrating a stainless steel sink into the countertop has become a popular way to achieve a sleek and seamless look.  Generally the sink is provided by the customer for us to weld into the stainless steel kitchen countertops.  Sinks must be undermount style, and should be approved by us before purchasing it.  We can quote a custom fabricated sink as well if necessary.

Cut-outs  –  We can provide custom cutouts on our stainless steel kitchen countertops to accommodate drop-in sinks, ranges, and more.

Built-in Backsplash  –  Our seamless built-in backsplash typically rises 4″ – 6″ off the counter, and has a 3/4″ thick profile.  Please note that the built-in backsplash is different from the backsplash panels we provide.  The backsplash panels are flat sheets that are glued to the wall, and generally occupy all of the wall space above the counter top and below cabinets.

Edges & Corners  –  Simple straight edges give a sleek look and are most common.  Raised marine edges and other custom edges with straight bends can be quoted upon request.  Unfortunately, we don’t have the ability to make rounded or “bullnose” edges.  Corners are welded & polished and have 1/8″ radius so they are not sharp.  Rounded corners with a larger radius can be quoted upon request.

Walls  – For quoting purposes, it is important to note where walls are located so that we know which edges of the custom stainless steel countertops need to be finished, and which will not be exposed.

Measurements, Delivery, & Installation  –   We offer on-site measurements, delivery, & installation for customers in the Chicago area for affordable prices.  Pricing will vary depending on customer location and size of countertop(s).  Final computer drawings are sent to all customers for approval before fabrication.

Shipping  – For out of town customers, we can package and ship our custom brushed stainless steel countertops on a pallet via LTL Freight.



Thousands Of Satisfied Clients

I hired these guys to make a couple stainless bathroom counters for my bar. From beginning to end everything was great.
Ben C.
I purchased 3 times in the last 2 years from Custom Metal Home. They do a wonderful job with stainless counters / shelves.
Jaqi G.
Alex is a really good guy to work with. He cares about doing the right thing and is extremely conscientious and responsive.
Denise Hauser Design Co.
Just cool stuff. My bathroom and kitchen have a cool focus point. Finely crafted and durable. So many peeps have asked where I got them.
Patti S.
I hired Custom Metal Home because I wanted stainless steel counter tops for my kitchen remodel. My experience with company was excellent. The counters were fabulous.
Melissa S.
These guys did a very nice job for me with my stainless backsplash. They came out, measured, cut a hole for the pot filler as part of fabrication.
Evan T.
I worked w/ CMH for a basement zinc top bar. It turned out beautifully! They were professional & efficient. I'd recommend them & will work with them again.

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