Range Hoods

At Custom Metal Home, we take pride in building custom-made kitchen metal range hoods entirely to customer specifications. We regularly make different variations of stainless steel and zinc hoods designed like the photos in the gallery. Our customers have the ability to select exactly what materials are to be used on their custom-made kitchen metal range hoods, including: Zinc, Brass, Copper and Darkened Steel. Our custom vent hoods and other products are engineered and manufactured in our suburban Chicago metal factory.

Choosing The Perfect Range


Choosing the right custom-made vent hood can be like selecting the right outfit, it’s a matter of personal preference and style. Your custom kitchen hood will likely be one of the focal points in your kitchen, making it one of the important design elements. When deciding on a design, take several things into consideration including whether the rest of your home is traditional, contemporary or even rustic. Also, consider the elements of color throughout your home that can add/impact material possibilities for your range hood.


Determining the proper height for your custom-made kitchen metal range hood can be simple as long as you know the height of your ceiling. Let’s say for example that your ceilings are 9ft high, that’s 108 inches. You would then take the total 108 inches and deduct 36 inches for the height of your range, leaving you with 72 inches. Then you will need to determine how high you would like your range hood off of your cooktop. CMH recommends hanging your range hood 32-34” above the cooking surface. Let’s say that you have decided to hang it 33 inches above the cooking surface. You have 72 inches remaining, so deduct the 33 inches for the distance between your cooking surface and the bottom of your hood and now you have a total hood height of 39 inches.

108 (9ft ceilings)- 36 (height of range)= 72, 72- 33 (space above cooktop)= 39” hood height

 Width & Depth

The ideal width of your custom-made kitchen metal range hood should be 6 inches wider than your cooking surface, therefore overhanging by 3 inches on either side. Where space is restricted, the hood should be no less than the width of the cooking surface.

The depth of your range hood should ideally cover the cooking surface of your range from front to back. Our standard depth is 25 inches.

With 30 years of experience in the metal fabrication industry, Custom Metal Home is your one stop shop for high quality metal products made in the USA. We are proud to offer a variety of items that are engineered and manufactured in our suburban Chicago metal shop.

Products available for online purchase include originally designed table bases, shelves and accessories. We also work with interior designers, contractors, and homeowners across the country on custom projects including countertops, backsplashes, shelves, steel range hoods and more! New designs are regularly added to our online store for purchase. Contact us today for a quote on your next metal project!

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I hired these guys to make a couple stainless bathroom counters for my bar. From beginning to end everything was great.
Ben C.
I purchased 3 times in the last 2 years from Custom Metal Home. They do a wonderful job with stainless counters / shelves.
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Alex is a really good guy to work with. He cares about doing the right thing and is extremely conscientious and responsive.
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Just cool stuff. My bathroom and kitchen have a cool focus point. Finely crafted and durable. So many peeps have asked where I got them.
Patti S.
I hired Custom Metal Home because I wanted stainless steel counter tops for my kitchen remodel. My experience with company was excellent. The counters were fabulous.
Melissa S.
These guys did a very nice job for me with my stainless backsplash. They came out, measured, cut a hole for the pot filler as part of fabrication.
Evan T.
I worked w/ CMH for a basement zinc top bar. It turned out beautifully! They were professional & efficient. I'd recommend them & will work with them again.

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